Much like JP himself, this Trans Am is sweet. Image courtesy of Axiom.

As we all know, cars can be more than just machines. Yes, at their core they are tools, but then so is the Swiss Army Knife my uncle gave me for Christmas a decade ago, and I treasure that thing like a police officer in a buddy-cop movie does his partner. But just like that zany partner, cars must have character to really grow on you, to really worm their way into your heart.

This nature of a car’s personality is going to be ever-more important once the autonomous vehicles become the norm. But, as this excellent article by Urambo Tauro, as well as the few posts I’ve made before, explain, that won’t spell the end of the Petrolheads. All it means is that we’ll be driving cars that make us want to drive.


Seeing as how we’re already getting close to a real-life example of an anime world—and once again, I cannot believe I’m writing those words—I started thinking about the kinds of vehicles you see in anime. Sure, there’s the generic sedan we see in a thousand establishing shots, but speaking just about real-life cars, there’s a lot of astonishing sheetmetal amongst the pages of manga and stills of anime.

For instance, there’s an entire series (albeit a short one) centered around one guy getting his dream car: an LP400 Countach.


From Countach Chapter 1. Image courtesy of

And then, we have the completely incongruous example from Zero In, which has police officer Shikie Misono driving a Ferrari Daytona:

From Zero In Chapter 25. Image courtesy of


And that’s not mentioning the classic examples from Initial D, eX-Driver, and so on.

Oh, and that’s not even counting all the amazing fictional vehicles manga and anime have given us.

You already know where it’s from. Image courtesy of


And, amazingly, the bike in the image above, spawned a real-world counterpart: the Honda NM4.

Image courtesy of


So, dear readers, I ask of you: what is the most anime vehicle? Your answers may be real-life vehicles, or fictional ones. They may come from Japan, or they may not. But each suggestion had better have the same thing all great animes have: fantastic character.